Fall Course — Developing grant proposals

ICL 8994 – Developing Proposals

Professor: Dr. Mark Conley

Fall, 2013 – Tuesdays from 5:30 until 8:30

This is a course about the procedures and techniques for the development of research, project and grant proposals. The emphasis in the course is on the design and writing of proposals for research study or in response to funding requests. The course will address ways to find sources of funding, responding to requests for proposals and how to set up grant projects once funding is secured. Grants at international, national and state/local are covered. A feature of the course will be teleconferences, webinars and guest speakers who serve in roles as fund directors, local and university-based grants administrators and staff as well as successful project directors. Course assignments and projects are completely individualized, with each student selecting a funding avenue to pursue and then developing a proposal. The course instructor will develop and model approaches to proposal writing by crafting a proposal to submit at the end of the course.

Students interested in taking the course are encouraged to contact:

Dr. Mark Conley at mwconley