EdTech Memphis

The Educational Technology track (EdTech Memphis) is a vibrant part of the Instructional Design and Technology program (IDT Memphis) at the University of Memphis. It offers world-class graduate-level opportunities, houses innovative learning spaces, offers rich educational technology resources and professional development opportunities to teachers, and provides support services to students enrolled in EdTech Memphis courses.

Graduate-Level Opportunities

EdTech Memphis offers a graduate certificate, and Master’s and doctoral degrees.

IDT’s Discovery Zone

The EdTech Discovery Zone is comprised of innovative learning spaces. It is located at the South end of the 3rd floor of Ball Hall. It is comprised of the IDT Studio, EdTech Lab, and the EdTech Pop-Up Stations.

IDT Studio

The IDT Studio is…

EdTech Lab

The EdTech Lab is located in 310 Ball Hall. This Mac Lab has 24 Mac…

EdTech Pop-Up Learning Stations

Pop-Up Learning Stations are… EdTech Memphis has the following Pop-Up Learning Stations.


EdTech Memphis’ MakerSpace is…


The STEM Lab…

Tinkering Station

The Tinkering Station…

Resources & Professional Development

The EdTech PD program provides opportunities for educators throughout the Midsouth to …

Student Support Services

EdTech Memphis offers online Help Sessions for those in our educational technology courses. Faculty assist students currently enrolled in IDT 3600, IDT 7061, IDT 7062, or IDT 7063. Full details are available by clicking on the Help Sessions tab in the main menu of each EdTech course in eCourseware.

We are happy to assist you with projects and activities related to your course.