Research Survey from William Sugar on ID Roles

The purpose of this questionnaire is to evaluate the impact (if any) the instructional designer archetypes described in The Many Hats of an Instructional Designer game (Sugar & Betrus, 2002) on your current instructional design practices. Specifically, this questionnaire asks you to consider the impact of the following instructional designer archetypes, including Instructional Designer as ArchitectInstructional Designer as ArtistInstructional Designer as CounselorInstructional Designer as Craftsperson,Instructional Designer as Engineer,Instructional Designer as Manufacturer, Instructional Designer as PerformerInstructional Designer as Problem-solver, and Instructional Designer as User.

I would like to invite you to complete this questionnaire:  Given your experience as a professional instructional designer, your participation will significantly enhance this study. Your responses will provide valuable information on the impact of these instructional designer archetypes on one’s instructional design processes and experiences.  Please complete this survey by Tuesday, April 25th.

I anticipate that it would take one ~20-30 minutes to respond to these questions. All responses will remain anonymous during this study. You may stop at anytime during this survey. If you have any questions or need further information about this study, please contact Dr. William Sugar (


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