Looking for talent to work in the Millington area for Booz Allen Hamilton

From Michael Dowdy:

We have a few opportunities In Millington for Booz Allen Hamilton. These positions would be full-time employees of Booz Allen Hamilton with all the normal benefits of employment (boozallen.com).

These positions will not be listed in the career section online yet. We are ramping up for some hiring over the next month. These positions would support a US Navy client in Millington on a contract via several roles. We are not sure yet of the number of positions. This is early in the selection process!

Our challenge has been getting smart analytic talent from non-Navy industries up to Millington for interviews and exposure to the client who usually errs on the side of hiring a retired Navy officer. Every time we place someone from the Memphis market with them who does not come from the Navy … they end up loving the consultant! A solid variety in the skills here in Millington is what we are shooting for with these positions.

The client does human capital supply chain management work for the Navy with heavy emphasis on analysis of manpower data trending. Successful candidates have had MBAs, computer science degrees, and/or experience with data mining. We also have another position for general support and graphic design.

I’m looking for people with business degrees, supply chain experience, human capital/hr experience, a management consulting track record, as well as graphic design experience. No need for all this background of course … just a quick list of typical experience that helps. Lots of possible combinations … this is a wide net at this point because the client is very open and not sure exactly what type of talent they need. We need a bench of potential candidates we can screen with analytic skills from a broad spectrum of industries. Jobs open here in Millington from time to time and I need a better bench of candidates going into 2012.

Please forward to your contacts with resumes coming to me at dowdy_michael … thanks!

All potential contacts are welcome! Booz Allen is a great company growing quickly in Millington … solid opportunity.

While these jobs are in MIllington for the Navy now, opportunities stretch globally with all federal agencies and a growing corporate battery of clients.

Michael Dowdy
Lead Associate