Job: Continuous Learning at FedEx

From Karl Guenther. Contact him about this position.

I have an opening in my group for a position that will lead our technical support and vision. My ideal candidate would be somebody who can specialize in the “coding/application” side of (grouped by most urgent and important to least):

· SQL Server (Ideally, 2005) VB.NET/ASP.NET


· Virtual Learning Environments

· SharePoint

· Learning Management Systems (we are migrating over to Success Factors – Plateau) over the next few years

In the best of all worlds, this person will be highly experienced. However, we are flexible.

As you may have figured, our group is positioned to have a very interesting and exciting immediate and long-term future. We are looking for an equally interesting and long-term addition to our team.

Karl Guenther
Mgr, Center for Continuous Learning