IIS CSAL project

IDT students,

If you would like to be involved, please contact Whitney.

From Whitney Baer:

Good Afternoon! I work in the IIS as a Project Coordinator on the CSAL grant. Our portion of the grant focuses on creating lessons in reading comprehension for illiterate adults.

As part of each lesson, we are responsible for creating a 90 second "refresher" of the content that the learners will be exposed to by their human teacher in a session. We have been given the lesson content by our collaborators in Toronto. We need to edit this content to the most essential points that can be summarized in about 90 seconds. We would like this "refresher" to include a short video highlighting the important points and terms.

Andrew Olney and Art Graesser suggested that I contact you to see if you might have any interested students who would want to be a part of the CSAL project.

Thanks so much!


Whitney Baer