Free User Group Meetups For Students and Faculty at FedEx Institute

[on behalf of Cody Behles]


The following user groups meet monthly at the FedEx Institute of Technology. These meetups are open to the public and encourage all skill levels to attend. Please share this list with your students, faculty, and staff.

* Memphis WebWorkers

* MidSouth PASS Chapter <>
* Data Management Association
* MidSouth Game Developers/Unity <>
* WordPress Users Group <>


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The FedEx Institute of Technology is an advanced technology and research organization that serves as the front door to the research infrastructure and innovation capabilities of the University of Memphis. It functions as a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and innovation in emerging technologies by supporting cross-campus research innovation clusters. The Institute is also home to the University’s intellectual property and patent repository which is the focal point of technology transfer and licensing operations. The Institute enjoys a unique innovation partnership with FedEx, which sponsors the Institute for advanced research purposes <>. The Institute is the central hub for efforts to maintain a cutting-edge innovative environment in the Mid-South region.