Dr. Andrew Tawfik and UofM Team Receive NSF Grant

Dr. Andrew Tawfik

The National Science Foundation awarded a team from the UofM a $3.4 million grant to train individuals in the field of data science and fund research into programs that make data science easy for the public to use. Andrew Tawfik (ICL) worked on the grant as well as Dale Bowman (Math Sciences) and Vasile Rus and Scott Fleming (both from Computer Science). Andrew Olney (Psychology) serves as PI. Data science combines computer science, software design and statistics to analyze and increase access to data. The grant will allow the UofM to develop a data science program that will be accessible to those with and without computer science knowledge. To learn more about this project, read about in the (opens in a new tab)”>Daily Helmsman here> and also read about Congressman Steve Cohen’s . (opens in a new tab)”>support of the project here>.

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