Youth Specialist Job

Job Title: Youth Specialist (must be a college student) Location: Office of Youth Services
Pay: Hourly
Time Commitment: June 2012-May 2013 with an option to reinterview for additional year
Full time in the summer and part-time during the school year (2-6 pm Monday-Thursday, 1-5 pm on Friday, and occasional special events)
Deadline to Apply: Please submit resume to by April 30, 2012 Student Status: Undergraduate and Graduate (Preferred)

Summary of Position:

The Youth Specialist will assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of the Memphis Ambassadors Program (MAP). The primary responsibility involves organization and facilitation of program related activities at designated Ambassador Program sites. This includes, but is not limited to, facilitating group sessions, maintaining attendance and other program related records and education resources, working with program participants and community organizations and representatives to conduct both community initiatives and neighborhood based projects, and assisting in evaluating the program.

Supervisor: Youth Specialist’s activities will be supervised on a daily basis by the Office of Youth Services Program Manager

Organization: The City of Memphis

Program Responsibilities:

Ø Serve as lead facilitator for implementation of the Memphis Ambassadors Program at designated sites. Ø Be a positive leader for students.
Ø Assist in planning, marketing and executing the social, cultural, educational and recreational programs based on the student’s needs and/or interest and encourage students to participate in those programs.
Ø Function as an advocate for students by recognizing the problems, concerns, and opinions of individual and present the student’s viewpoints to the appropriate program staff.
Ø Be a liaison to a neighborhood community organization on behalf of the student liaison program. Ø Be a resource for others living in the neighborhood.
Ø Engage student to meet personal goals and objectives.
Ø Implement strategies for working with communities and neighborhoods. Ø Plan social and community service events to enrich the student experience. Ø Maintain records and other program information for evaluation purposes.

Program Skills:

Ø Positive attitude.
Ø Ability to work independently or with a group.
Ø Excellent organizational skills.
Ø Ability to communicate with others.
Ø Maintain professional manner.
Ø Work a flexible schedule.

Program Benefits:

Ø Excellent experience with many of the projects and people working within the Office of Youth Services. Ø Opportunities for leadership development
Ø Involvement in a variety of local programs and efforts.
Ø Participation in fun field days.
Ø Experience as youth education Instructor in classroom and field programs. Ø Experience in planning, conducting, and evaluating youth education program. Opportunities to contribute to improvement of an education program

Harry T. Cash III, Manager
Office of Youth Services
Executive Division of The City of Memphis
901-576-6263 OFFICE
901-305-3021 CELL
901-452-2510 FAX
315 S. Hollywood
Memphis, TN 38104