Training and Development Internship

Goals of Intern Program with the Jabil Training Department
• To create a mutually beneficial situation for the intern and for Jabil.
• To get interns involved in training/development projects where the full development life cycle can be utilized.
• To educate the current trainers in the methodology that the interns will use to dive into their projects.
Jabil will pay the intern for his/her time. The pay will be between 12-14.00 per hour.
We would like to start this program as soon as possible, but realize that we probably missed the May start time for the Summer period.
Internship Job Description Highlights:
• Utilize the proper development methods to identify training needs, create training process, and evaluate training for 1 or more assembly or test positions on the manufacturing floor. You may need to work in the position for a few days to get a true feel for the work. It will also include understanding current methods being used and recommending improvements to those methods. You may deal with tracking of training, how to properly evaluate training within the business boundaries, and what methods are best to facilitate learning.
• If you recommend improvements, depending on time, you may be asked to test those improvements so we can work together to evaluate the changes.
• As a part of this internship, you should be able to hold a “Train the Trainer” session and/or a project completion review. The audience will be the Training Manager, Trainers, and possibly others.
• You will meet with the training manager regarding your project on a weekly basis to provide updates and progress reports.

Amanda Barcon
Training Manager
Jabil Circuit
5238 Lamar Ave
Memphis, TN 38118