New Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology

The Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) faculty is pleased to announce the launch of newly designed Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology.  This completely online certificate consists of two tracks, as described below:

Track 1: K-12 Educational Technology

This track is designed for educators who want to integrate the use of computers in the classroom. The focus of these courses is to develop the technology competencies needed for the development, utilization, and integration of instructional computing technology in the classroom.

The required courses are IDT 7061, IDT 7062, IDT 7063, and IDT 7064. To view course titles and descriptions, visit the IDT Course Catalog. You have the option of completing the entire certificate in one summer!

Track Two: Design and Development

We designed this sequence of four courses for instructional designers and developers who work in non-education related settings such as business, government, military, and health care. The four (completely online) required courses are:

  1. IDT 7070: Instructional Design Process I
  2. IDT 7080: Instructional Design Process II
  3. IDT 7090:  Developing Learning Environments I
  4. IDT 7063: Seminar in Instructional Computing

To view course titles and descriptions, visit the IDT Course Catalog.

If you complete either track of the Certificate, you can continue on toward the master’s degree and all your hours count toward the master’s degree. More information on the new Certificate is here:  

This online certificate begins in Summer 2014, and registration is open now. To register please visit

You can see detailed descriptions of the courses here.

Here is the schedule of when courses are typically offered: