Martin Institute Executive Director Clif Mims Named Faculty Fellow at Harvard’s Project Zero

The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence is pleased to announced that Executive Director Dr. Clif Mims, associate professor of Instruction Curriculum Leadership at The University of Memphis, has been named as a Faculty Fellow at Harvard Project Zero.

This distinction has been awarded Dr. Mims based on his participation and commendation at Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero Summer Institute in 2011. The selection process is extensive and rigorous, involving letters of nomination, recommendation, and Dr. Mims’ statement of educational philosophy. Dr. Mims is one of two 2012 Fellows selected from a pool of 500.

To fulfill his Fellowship responsibilities, Dr. Mims will participate in the planning, leadership, and follow-up of study groups participating in the 2012 Project Zero Summer Institute in July.

Project Zero at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education offers one of the most extensive and rigorous teacher professional development programs focused on teaching for understanding and creating a school culture of thinking and application of knowledge. They have been working with classroom teachers for over 40 years to enhance deep understanding within various disciplines of the importance of explicit instruction and learning opportunities that foster critical and creative thinking and problem-solving. Education thought leaders Howard Gardner, David Perkins, and Robert Sternberg have all be influential in the leadership and impact of Project Zero on teachers across the country.

We congratulate Dr. Mims on this appointment and are happy to have his continued leadership and expertise as the Executive Director of the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence.

The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence provides world-class professional development opportunities for public and private school teachers from the Mid South and is based at the Presbyterian Day School in Memphis, TN.

Written by Lee Rantzow