ISD Openings

My company has multiple openings for Instructional Systems Designers at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Please share this with IDT alumi and students.

Jamae Allred

The Instructional Systems Designers shall have a minimum of two years of cumulative instructional design experience which includes demonstrated proficiency in 5 of the following 10 areas:

Experience with concepts, principles, practices, and/or products related to instructional systems development and implementation as they pertain to training of adult learners. Experience should include knowledge of the Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluation (ADDIE) process. Experience should include the application of learning theory to classroom, on-line, and blended instruction; development and evaluation of self-paced instruction to include thorough analysis of target audience, design documentation, storyboards, audio and video scripts, evaluation plans, evaluation instruments, and production of evaluation reports; and the use of various tools and software to produce Interactive Multi-media Instruction products such as technology-based products for use in Military instruction and training programs to include simulations, videos, animations, web-based applications, and distributed learning courses (dL).
For more information, interested individuals can visit ISC Consulting Group. The position is located at the Learning Innovation Office. LIO was recently featured in an article on the Army website.