eLearning Website opportunity

Hello all,
I don’t know Mr. Sheppard below, so caveat emptor (buyer beware). That said, if you’re entrepreneurial (or just curious) you might contact him.

Dr. Martindale,
I’m an engineering graduate student here at University of Memphis. As a side project, I’ve been researching an idea for an eLearning website – and am now to the point where I need some partners to help me build a prototype.

I found out about the UM IDT program just recently, and it seems that students in this program are just the type of people who might be interested in working on a project like this. So, could you please forward the email below to the IDT student mailing list?

James Sheppard

Have you ever studied for a test?
As a college student at University of Memphis, you’ve probably taken dozens of tests over the last few years. You learn things over the course of the semester, but to pass the test, you cram the night before. And then comes the kicker…

As soon as the test is over, you forget everything. And when the next test comes around, you have to study the same material all over again!

I’ve had this problem too; and I want to solve it. The way to do that seems to be to have a free website where people can play games, solve puzzle, etc. based on the stuff they learned in class; that way it’s entertaining enough to keep people coming back day after day, and since they’re using the stuff they learned in class, they won’t forget it. I’ve researched this idea for the last few months, and found no existing services that does this, so I want to make one. (And if the site turns out to be popular, it can turn into a real business.)

Will you help me? If you’re interested in working on this project – especially if you know anything about building elearning tools or website development – please let me know. My email is jbshpprd@memphis.edu.

James Sheppard