Congratulations to University of Memphis graduate student Matthew Bolton

Congratulations to University of Memphis graduate student Matthew Bolton on being selected for the Designers for Learning Service Learning Project. His faculty sponsor is Dr. Trey Martindale.

Service-Learners Announced

New Project Kick-Off: We are pleased to announce the kick-off of our next service-learning project facilitated by Designers for Learning! Our pro bono service-learning projects are completed by volunteer college students who are enrolled in instructional design and performance improvement programs. To follow along with the project, please bookmark our project website at

Selected Service-Learners: Students were selected as volunteers during a competitive application and review process conducted by the project facilitators, Jennifer Maddrell and Jill Stefaniak. While we had hoped to have sufficient interest to secure 12 student volunteers for this cohort, the recent Call for Volunteers held over the summer resulted in over 20 applicants. Therefore, we were forced to make tough selection decisions based on the experience level of the applicants. Including three students who are returning from our spring cohort, the following is the full roster of volunteer service-learners selected for this project, along with their school affiliations and their faculty sponsors.

• Matthew Bolton, The University of Memphis; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Trey Martindale
• Cynthia Casillas, School of Education University of Wisconsin-Stout; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Susan Manning • Helen Graves, UC Irvine; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Dana Massin • Shawn Haag, University of Minnesota; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Angel Pazurek • Paige Hale, Morehead State University; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. John Curry
• Ronda Neugebauer*, Indiana University – Bloomington; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Krista Glazewski • Rachel Ogg, University of Missouri; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Rose Marra
• Eunsung Park*, Pennsylvania State University; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Roy Clariana
• Gilbert Reyna, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi; Faculty Sponsor: To Follow • Sandye Royer, Idaho State University; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jane Strickland • Keith Webster*, University of Tampa; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Enilda Romero-Hall • Greg Williams, Brigham Young University; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Richard E. West
• Xue Yang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. J. Jessica Li