Announcing the NMC K-12 Ambassador Program

(from the New Media Consortium)

We are excited to announce the launch of the NMC K-12 Ambassadors Program, a global search for teachers who are committed to using innovative approaches to teaching and learning in their K-12 classrooms. Distinguished as NMC Ambassadors, these 25 individuals will earn a one-year NMC membership as well an influential place within the NMC community as part of a diverse group of K-12 educators. Though we know many of you are at universities, we encourage you to share this opportunity with all of the amazing K-12 educators in your networks!

Selected ambassadors will serve as knowledgeable members of the NMC Horizon Project K-12 Advisory Board in the discussions that lead to the NMC Horizon Report > 2013 K-12 Edition, be the experts in their field in the NMC Commons, and gain recognition among an international body of colleagues as innovative educators.

Learn more by watching this special video from the NMC’s own Holly Ludgate.

To be considered for this distinction, candidates must submit a video to introduce themselves to the NMC community in two minutes or less. Effective applicants will explain:

• What significant changes are happening in their classroom.
• How the NMC Horizon Report series influences their practices.
• The concepts that guide their teaching philosophy and pedagogy.

Videos with a high number of ‘Like’s on YouTube are sure to catch our attention, so consider the audience of spirited edtech innovators when working on your submission!

To submit your application, email your video in .mp4 or .mov format, submit the video via URL, or share it via Dropbox — all to Holly Ludgate at

All submissions will be uploaded to the NMC K-12 Ambassadors YouTube channel.

The deadline for videos is February 10, 2013.

The attached PDF outlines the program and all of the submission guidelines. Please share this opportunity with your networks!

Many thanks!