AECT University Receptions List. Thanks Carmen!

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology convention is next week. ( Every year Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Memphis is one of the University Sponsors of a reception at AECT. This is very good visibility for us, as the sponsor list is a “who’s who” of IDT programs. Here’s the list. Thanks to Carmen Weaver for getting our booth together, including all the decorations and give-aways.

2011 List of University Participants

Boise State University Host: Ross Perkins,
Emporia State University Host: Marcus Childress, Florida State University Host: Alan Jeong,,
Indiana University Host: Ted Frick,
Lehigh University Host: M. J. Bishop, mjba@Lehigh.EDU
Morehead State University Host: Chris Miller,
Northern Illinois University Host: Sharon Smaldino,
Nova Southeastern University Host, Michael Simonson, Old Dominion University Host: Gary Morrison,
Penn State University Host: Laurel Schreffler,, University of Georgia Host: Mike Orey,
University of Memphis Host: Trey Martindale,
University of Hawaii Host: Ellen Hoffman, University of Northern Iowa Host: Mary Herring,
Virginia Tech University Host, Barbara Lockee,
Walden University Host: MaryFriend Shepard,