AECT PacifiCorp Design & Development Competition

From AECT:

Dear Graduate Students,

The planning committee of the AECT PacifiCorp Design & Development Competition, sponsored by the Design & Development Division, invites you to participate in the 2014 design competition! This year is sure to be an exciting year in the competition with our new higher education based problem statement depicting a current state of the art system-wide educational problem to solve. The 2014 problem statement is available for you at the following URL:

The increased interest in the competition is already being realized in the number of graduate student inquiries from both the US and abroad asking to take part this year! We welcome teams of two to submit proposals for the competition by the initial submission due date of 15 April 2014. Participants should be current graduate students (masters or Ph.D.) and members of AECT. We will have an AECT Design & Development Division sponsored Webinar for all potential participants in late February so please check the competition site at the URL above often for dates and times of each segment of the competition and the Webinar schedule. Likewise the planning committee will hold an additional Webinar in February for our mentors and judges for the 2014 completion. Please visit the above URL for the 2014 PacifiCorp Design & Development Completion details. We look forward to your participation in the 2014 competition!

The 2014 PacifiCorp Planning Committee

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