Deadline: Wednesday – February 15, 2013

2013 AECT CONVENTION – Anaheim, California
10.30.2013 – 11.02.2013

We are looking for the following types of proposals:

Concurrent Presentation
These 30- or 60-minute sessions are primarily in presentation format and have comprised the majority of convention sessions in past years. The focus of these sessions is on sharing information, such as best practices and research results. Proposals for 60-minute sessions may include more than one presentation (as in symposia or panel discussions). In addition, two 30-minute concurrent presentations may be “bundled” with another of related content to form one 60 minute session.

Panel Session
These 30- or 60-minute sessions are intended for panel presentation format. The participants collaborate and chose to submit a proposal in the panel format on a topic of shared interests. Multiple presenters with a common topic may also be asked to present as part of a panel by the conference planner. The panel format will allow each presenter a limited time for individual comments followed by audience discussion and interaction.

Poster Sessions
Poster sessions allow individuals to share a research studies, best practices, innovative programs, or other topics of interest. Poster presentations provide other conference participants an opportunity to quickly and easily become acquainted with a topic. Poster sessions last 60 minutes and will be held in conjunction with roundtable sessions.

Roundtable sessions are designed for small group discussion of specialized topics, with the presenter leading the discussion. This participatory format allows for a highly interactive presentation lasting 60 minutes. Typically, several roundtable discussions are scheduled simultaneously in one large room, with minimal audiovisual use.

Please consider volunteering when you receive and invitation to participate as 2013 AECT proposal reviewer.