2015 EdTech Showcase

The IDT department hosted an EdTech Showcase on June 18, 2015.  There were 168 registrants from three different states in the mid-south.  Area teachers showcased ways in which they have used technology in their classrooms to promote higher-order thinking, reflection, and creativity.  Presenters demonstrated apps like Kahoot, Diigo, Creative Book Builder, Notability, and many more. Though teachers had fun learning many different tools for technology integration, they were also challenged to think about how the specific tools can be used and connected back to learning.   They talked about things they could do differently in their school and classroom next year, and how they will be pursuing and sharing the ideas from the showcase.  Phillip Cummings invited the teachers to collaboratively take notes for the showcase using Goggle Docs.  Use the #idtmemphis hashtag to scroll through the tweets.  It was an exciting time full of learning and sharing of technology!

Collaborative Notes from 2015 EdTech Showcase.