2012 NMC Summer Conference – Call for Proposals is Now Open

From: Nancy Reeves <nancy>

Subject: 2012 NMC Summer Conference – Call for Proposals is Now Open!

Date: December 16, 2011 3:14:03 PM CST

To: NMCSubscribers

Reply-To: Nancy Reeves <nancy>

Good afternoon everyone!

NMC is excited to announce that the 2012 NMC Summer Conference at MIT – Call for Proposals is now open! The deadline to submit your proposal is January 31, 2012.

This year, the conference will have around 40 breakout sessions, compared to over 90 that we have had in the past. The proposal review committee will be much more selective due to the limited sessions. Please ensure that your proposal submission is compelling, creative, thought provoking, and complete. Expert sessions and panels representing a pro/con type of debate are strongly encouraged.

We have several changes for the 2012 NMC Summer Conference that I would also like to share with you!

New schedule – the conference schedule format will be Tuesday through Friday (formerly Wednesday through Saturday).

New session paths – created around six verbs, to create a fresh, new experience that is also deep with insights. We hope you find it as exciting to contemplate as we have! Imagine, Explore, Play, Create, Transform, Reflect!

Conference highlights this year include:

Opening Keynote: Joichi Ito, Director of the MIT New Media Lab; the MIT New Media Lab is where we will also have our Wednesday night Reception and Dance.

NMC Fellows Award: presented to Lord David Puttnam, at the closing plenary on Friday, which will also include a keynote presentation from Lord Puttnam.

Complete details on the 2012 NMC Summer Conference can be found here.

All of us at NMC look forward to seeing you in Boston in June 2012!

Happy holidays!